Stout w/ Raspberry Point Oysters. **contains shellfish**  6.2% ABV | 4-pack x 473ml The relations...
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Stout w/ Raspberry Point Oysters.

**contains shellfish**

 6.2% ABV | 4-pack x 473ml

The relationship between stouts and oysters goes back to 18th century England where the beer of choice at the time (stouts) were regularly enjoyed alongside some delicious oysters in your town’s public house. Fast forward to the 1900’s and a factory manager at a brewery in New Zealand decided to skip the foreplay by creating the first in-bottle combination of the two and voila - oyster stouts were born. True to style, BUCK-A-SHUCK was brewed with 10kgs (shell and all) of fresh Raspberry Point oysters courtesy of our friends @dianasseafood. The beer has a lovely dark chocolate and roasted toffee notes and a semi-sweet and subtle briny finish without being super ‘oyster-y’. If you have a shellfish allergy this one is definitely NOT FOR YOU.

Canned: Dec. 6, 2022

Proudly made on our farm in Ayr, Ontario, Canada

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